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Money Back GuaranteeAbout Us


  • We’ve seen everything from “that guy who wants to do this new and cool tradeline thing” to “I have 10 years of experience in .
  • Here at Adhtradingfinancials, all we do is tradelines, everyday. We don’t spread our selves thin with other tasks or adventures.
    • We have made secure member areas in which you can upload credit reports, place orders, view the status of your order in real time, among other things.
    • You member area is secured with Secured Socket Layered encryption on a partitioned sub-domain… that’s tech talk for… “it’s secure”.
    • Once you sign up as a client, you are given credentials for your individualized member area.



  • Free credit report analysis and recommendation.
  • The most reliable company in the industry.


  • We match our solutions with your goals.

    • Once we receive your credit report, our financial experts will analyze your report and recommend tradeline services to achieve your credit goals.
    • This step does not take long and is completed when a list of available services is presented and you have made a selection.


    Free Evaluation !!

    • Since prices are nearly all the same, the question of price becomes “what am I getting for this fee?”
    • We evaluate your goals, analyze your credit report, make recommendations, assist with credit repair related needs… all free of charge. The only thing you pay for, with us, is the tradeline transaction.